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Alliance of Women Filmmakers was established six years ago to increase exposure for women made films and empower women to create strong diverse screen images of women. Each year in March we produce The Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival which presents narratives, documentaries, animation and student short films made by women of diverse backgrounds from around the world. .

The festival’s programming reflects Alliance of Women Filmmakers additional mission to educate and inform audiences of social political and health issues impacting women globally.

Past films presented include;

"Coming Up Easy" which dealt with issues of domestic violence and how women get trapped in abusive cycles.

"White Rainbow" the story of women overcoming the stigma and cruelty widows experience in present day India.

"God Sleeps in Rwanda" captured the spirit of courageous women faced with the task of rebuilding their society after the 1994 genocide left their country 70% female.

"Rape for Who I Am" gives an account of the crisis in Africa as it relates to children who are abuse because of the African widespread belief that virgins cure aids.

"Breast Cancer Diaries" exposed the flawed health care administration as it relates to detection and treatment of women under 40 with breast cancer.

In addition to providing women filmmakers with greater access to diverse audiences the festival serves to generate awareness for organizations that serve women and children. The 2010 festival opened with Serious Moonlight written by the late Adrienne Shelly. Director Cheryl Himes introduced the film and informed the audience about the Adrienne Shelly Foundation. The film was followed by a reception and silent auction with proceeds donated to the Adrienne Shelly Foundation.

The 2010 centerpiece presentation of Poto Mitan: Haitian Women, Pillars of the Global Economy was introduced by a representative from Partners in Health who informed the audience about the organization and gave an update on the Haiti crisis and Partner in Health’s PIPs fundraising relief efforts.

Many films showcased at Reel Women have gained exposure and gone on to receive distribution and win awards. “God Sleeps in Rwanda” presented in the 2005 short documentary category was nominated for an Oscar in 2006 for Best Documentary Short Subject. The festival's 2007 opening film "Open Window" directed by Mia Goldman was picked up for distribution by ShowTime. “Damages” presented in the 2008 feature category was picked up for TV distribution in Ireland and nominated for an IFTA award.

Alliance of Women Filmmakers partners with other organizations throughout the year that benefit women in film and women causes. In 2009 the organization partnered with the Breast Cancer Foundation and Hair & Artists Makeup Network to produce Hair&Makeup Give Back. Breast cancer survivors received a complementary day of pampering followed by a reception in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month. Alliance of Women Filmmakers has also been a contributing sponsor of AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women Showcase and American Women In Radio and Television’s Genii Awards.